January 5, 2015 Minutes

January 5, 2015

The following board members were present: Richard Petitt (President), Jackie Campbell (Vice President, Scott Campbell, Stephen DeFord (Architectural Control), Edd Liniger (Neighborhood Watch), Jennifer Choi (Treasurer), T. Corbett, Terry Ebrecht (Clubhouse), Tom Cornett (Pool), and E. W. Woolley (Secretary).

The following board members were absent: NONE The following residents were present: NONE

Public Forum NONE

Old Business
a. Secretary-minutes of the last meeting: Motion for approval by Jennifer Choi, second by Edd Linigar. APPROVED

b. Bakare Lawsuit Update: No Update from Attorney Treasurer’s Report: APPROVED as Presented

Neighborhood Watch update: Reported have had a couple of vandalism incidents.

Clubhouse Update: One Rental during the month of December

Pool Update: Nothing to Report
Architectural Control Update: Nothing to Report New Business and other Updates

  1. Will need in near future to look at repairs needed around west windows of Clubhouse.
  2. Will not have Board Meeting in February Next meeting will be March 2, 2015.

Motion to Adjourn: by E. Woolley, second by S. DeFord Approved

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