November 03, 2014 Minutes

November 3, 2014


The following board members were present: Richard Petitt (President), Jackie Campbell (Vice-President), E.W. Woolley (Secretary), Jennifer Choi (Treasurer), Edd Liniger (Neighborhood Watch), Tom Cornett (Pool), Stephen DeFord (Architectural Control, Terry Ebbrecht (Clubhouse).

The following board members were absent: Scott Campbell

The following residents were present: Anna Crane, Lisi del Rio, Beverly Petitt, Barry Reineer, Wendi Reineer, Betty Gonzales and Susan Bishop.


  1. Public Forum:
    1. Presentation to Board by Micah Stowe of A & M Crete, Inc. concerning replacement of pool coping and resealing of the pool deck. Presentation included an itemized proposal for the Boards consideration.
    2. Anna Crane presented documents to the Board for their use if helpful in future discussion.
    3. Lisa del Rio requested information concerning the recent increase in HOA dues and information concerning the budgeting of expenses by the Board. She, also expressed her concerns regarding communication with the homeowners.
  2. Old Business
    1. Secretary – Minutes of last meeting were for the Annual Meeting andwill be presented and approved at the 2015 Annual Meeting.
    2. Update on the 2424 Dearborn (Bakare) Law Suite. Will seek to have moved forward.
    3. Weed complaint on 3505 Tolliver – determined not a reasonable com- plaint. Motion by Jackie Campbell, Second by E.W. Woolley Carried
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Written report presented by Jennifer Choi, discussion with motion to approve. Carried
  4. Neighborhood Watch update: Edd Liniger – None


5. 6. 7.


Clubhouse Update: Terry Ebbrecht – reported receiving requests for holi day period are being denied per previous Board decision regarding.

Pool Update: Tom Cornett – Board will be considering proposal presented for repairs.

Architectural Control Update: Steve DeFord – received a request for a fence which is within the requirements of the covenants and will approve in writing to homeowner.

New Business and other Updates

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Motion was made by Jackie Campbell that we upgrade our website, second by Tom Cornett and after discussion motion Carried.

Motion was made by Jackie Campbell that we seek advertising in our newsletter from merchants in the area of Chesterfield Village to help offset the cost. Second by E.W. Woolley and after discussion motion Carried.

By unanimous agreement of the Board it was determined that a meeting of the Board would be held at 7pm on November 17, 2014 for the sole purpose of reviewing our on budget requirement and to begin developing a plan for the maintenance and operations of CVHOA on a long term basis.

Bid for mowing for 2015 from current vendor included a substantial increase. Board unanimously agreed that two (2) additional bids should be obtained prior to action by the Board.

Next meeting scheduled for: December 1, 2014 at 7pm. !
E. W. Woolley – Secretary

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