Annual Meeting 2014 Minutes

The following board members were present:  Melissa Wittmer (President), Jackie Campbell (Secretary), Rick Petitt (Pool), Charles Hyde (Architectural), Edd Linegar (Neighborhood Watch), Lorna Hammock (Vice President), Terry Ebrecht (Clubhouse).

Residents Tom Cornett, EW Wolley, Gerald Abbott, Scott Campbell, Anna Crane, Beverly Petitt, Betsy Gonzales, Dan Gressar, Tony Hammock, Michael Olmsted, Jess Tomlin, were also present.

Absent were:  None.

1. Old Business
a. Secretary-minutes of the October 2013 Annual Meeting

i. Discussion/need of motion to approve – Motion made, second – carried.

2. Committee Reports-Summary for the year

a. Secretary-Jackie Campbell

i. Covenant enforcement procedure clarification – drafted form letters subsequently approved by HOA counsel for use in legal notice to residents of covenant violation & advocated for consistent enforcement procedures.

ii.  Sidewalk repair – Advocated on behalf of HOA with City of Springfield from October 2013, to present regarding repair to dangerous neighborhood sidewalks. City is currently repairing. Contacts are: Joe with the City of Springfield 417-830-6631, and Don Liming with Liming Construction (contractor) 417-224-4104.

b.Clubhouse-Terry Ebbrecht

i.Electrical updates to clubhouse.

ii.. Internet reconfigured to accomodate alarm system.

iii.  New items purchased for clubhouse – Grill, hot water heater.

ii.Chairs/Tables missing. Situation addressed by locking storage area.

iii.Increased rentals – more than doubled from 2013. Rent went from $40 to $50.

c.Architectural Control-Charles Hyde

i.  Violation procedure in place.

ii. Review of violations for 2014.  Total covenant violations reported = 23.

Some required multiple contacts.

d.Neighborhood Watch-Edd Liniger

i.    Need more people to attend quarterly police training meetings to complete training. We need at least 12 more houses to be trained to qualify for PD Neigborhood Watch program.  Phone number to sign up is 874-2113. Discussion of creating a FB event for the training to encourage participation.

ii. Mailbox vandalism has been an issue. There are two to three salvageable mailboxes in the HOA board possession. Otherwise, residents will need to order online per instructions in this month’s newsletter.

iii.  Graffiti problem within past couple months.

e.Pool and Tennis Courts-Rick Petitt

i.Fence Project

ii.Upcoming Pool Deck Project

iii.Tennis Court Resurfacing

f.Treasurer-Jennifer Choi

i. Budget Proposal and Dues Discussion

ii.  Motion to increase dues 10%: Carried = 6 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstained.

3. New Business

a.Announce Outgoing Board Positions – Melissa (current president), Lorna (current vice president), Charley (architectural control), Jen (treasurer).

Staying:  Rick (pool), Ed (neighborhood watch), Terry (clubhouse).

b.Nominations for Board Members for new term –

– Nominations for President: Rick Pettit & Jackie Campbell

Rick = 11

Jackie = 9

– Rick will be president, Jackie vice

– Tom Cornett (Pool)

– EW Wooley (Secretery)

– Scott Campbell (Director)

– Edd Linegar (Neighborhood Watch)

-Terry Ebbrecht (Clubhouse Manager)

– Jen Choi (helping until transition to management co or bookkeeper)

4. Motion to Adjourn

Next meetings scheduled for Monday, November 3 to start at 6:30

Invoices for annual dues will be mailed in November with a due date of December 1.

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