Amended July 2016

The clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts are the property of Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association, Inc. and are for the exclusive use of the Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association members and tenants of townhouses and condominiums included in the Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association, Inc., hereafter referred to as “CVHA” or “residents;” and are provided for their use and enjoyment. These facilities are available only to CVHA members and tenants of CVHA townhouses and condominiums in good standing.

Members must be current in the payment of the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees. To use CVHA facilities, residents and guests must be in possession of a pool gate key fob distributed by CVHA. Improper use of the clubhouse, swimming pool or tennis court facilities or violation of any of the below enumerated rules may result in suspension or revocation of facilities privileges.


THEY ARE AWARE OF THEM. Residents, their children, and their guests are expected to follow them. Remember, these facilities add value to our lifestyle and property, so please treat them as you would your home.

To report any problem with any CVHA facility, please contact the Board member who is in charge of the clubhouse and pool area or any other Board member. Please refer to the list of  officers of the CVHA found elsewhere on the website.


CVHA members are issued a key fob to the clubhouse, which allow access through

the east door, near the silo, along with access to the pool gates.

Except during times of meetings of the general membership, meetings of the Board of Directors, or during times the clubhouse is reserved for private affairs, other doors at north and south entrances are locked, requiring a key to access. Please help conserve utility costs by keeping doors closed during periods requiring either heating or cooling. Doors are not to be propped open. Doing so may result in revocation or suspension of clubhouse privileges.

Parking in the clubhouse lot is not allowed unless using the pool, tennis courts, or a function at the clubhouse when it is rented for private use. There is no overnight parking allowed. Vehicles violating these provisions may be towed at the owners’ expense.

Clubhouse Reservations

The clubhouse may be reserved only by adult members of the CVHA or tenants of

condominiums and townhouses within the Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association for their personal use. The clubhouse may not be reserved by others, such as family, friends or other persons, who are not members of CVHA. The member reserving the CVHA facilities is responsible for the conduct of all guests.

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis and should be made at least 24 hours in advance, stating the time and date the reservation is desired. When scheduling the clubhouse, please allow one hour between reservations for cleanup and setup

To reserve the clubhouse, contact Board member in charge of the clubhouse facility, or their assistant, listed on the website. A fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) is charged in advance for the private use of the clubhouse facility. A fifty dollar ($50.00) cleanup deposit (two separate checks) is required at the time the reservation is made and will be returned if the clubhouse is left in good order. It must be cleaned (kitchen, bathrooms and hearth room), all keys returned and there must be no damage to the facility. Any damage to the facility that requires repair or replacement will be done at the expense of the member reserving the facility. This is the agreement understood when the reservation is made.

Reservation of the clubhouse gives the member reserving the facility, and their guests, the exclusive use of the kitchen, grill and hearth room for the period of time the facility is reserved. It does not give the resident exclusive use of the restrooms, vending area, swimming pool, common area or the tennis courts.

Residents may have up to twenty (20) pool guests for a reserved and approved clubhouse function. When reserving the clubhouse, please indicate whether you intend to use the pool and give an estimate of the number of swimmers. The pool check is the final authority regarding all pool rules and regulations and guests are expected to follow all rules. CLEAN-UP PROCEDURES Pick up all trash in and around the clubhouse and place it in trash containers. Vacuum all carpets and rugs. Vacuum is stored in closet off the kitchen. Clean the kitchen counters, microwave (inside and out), tabletops and restroom counters, tables, etc. Cleaning materials are stored in the kitchen, under the sink and in the cabinets. Brooms, vacuum and other cleaning equipment are stored in the kitchen closet. Shut down the fireplace per instruction posted on bulletin board. Turn off all interior lights and fans. Make certain all doors are locked, both handle and deadbolt. If heat is on, reset the thermostat to 60 degrees; if air conditioning is used, reset the thermostat to 80 degrees. Exit through east door by pressing exit button on hall wall and opening door. Door will lock upon closure. Note any damage or problems and report them to the Board member in charge of the clubhouse facilities. Clubhouse hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


The swimming pool will be open for swimming as early as possible in May. Closing will be as late as practical in September. Actual opening and closing dates will be announced on the Chesterfield Village HOA Facebook page and on the website at

Pool Schedule

MONDAY – SUNDAY 9am – 9pm

The above schedule does not prohibit morning “lap” swimming. Swimming after 6:00 a.m. is permitted.

If you wish to do lap swimming, please contact the HOA board member in charge of the pool to request your key fob be programmed to allow 6am access. If pool maintenance crews are at the pool, residents are not allowed to swim.

Rules and Regulations



– CVHA members and their guest must have a swimming pool gate key fob in their possession to use the pool. This will be enforced by board members at the pool.

– Pool gates and clubhouse doors may NOT be propped open for any length of time.

– Residents and their guests are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their children. No children under 12 years of age will be allowed to swim in the pool unless supervised by an adult (a person 18 years of age or older).

– Each household may have no more than six (6) pool guests per day, except each household may have up to twenty (20) pool guests for a reserved and approved clubhouse function.

– No alcoholic beverages or smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco is permitted in the pool areas, clubhouse tennis courts and surrounding common grounds adjacent to the above described areas.

– No glass is permitted within the pool area.

– No diving is permitted.

– No audible music is to be played in the pool area.  Any music must be played through headphones or earbuds only.

– Cut-off jeans or other street clothes are not to be worn in the pool. Clothing and swimming attire must be appropriate in all respects. It must provide appropriate coverage and not depict images or text that is offensive or not family friendly.

– Infants or toddlers may not be in the pool or baby pool with regular diapers. ‘Lil Swimmers must be used, and must be clean.

– Styrofoam water toys will not be permitted. (The Styrofoam fragments damage the pool filter. For the same reason, swimming for small toys on the pool bottom is not permitted.)

– For safety reason, when the rope is installed, no one should play on the rope or with the safety equipment.

– No “rough housing” is permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.

– No pets are allowed in the pool area.

– All litter must be placed in trash cans. Residents are expected to help keep pool and deck area attractive and free of trash.

– Patio furniture is not be removed from the fenced area surrounding the pool.

– Patio umbrellas must be closed if there is wind and when they are not in use.

– Wet swimwear, towels or pool toys are not allowed in the clubhouse except in the restroom and shower area.

– CV HOA Board members may request any residents(s)/guest(s) to leave the pool area if conduct is judged by that board member to be inappropriate.


If you are the last to leave, or are leaving near 10:00 p.m., please see that all patio umbrellas are closed, clubhouse interior lights and fans are turned off and doors are locked. If the doors which require a key to lock are open and you do not have a key, please contact the Board member in charge of the clubhouse, their assistant, or any other Board member.


The tennis courts may be reserved by members of CVHA through the same procedure as reserving the clubhouse. There is no charge for reserving the tennis courts.

Rules and Regulations

– Tennis courts will be available for play from sun-up until dark.

– Any resident may use only one court.

– There should be only one guest per resident playing, while others are waiting.

– When others are waiting, please limit play to one (1) hour for singles, one and one-half (1 ½) hours for doubles.

– All players are required to wear “tennis” shoes to protect the court.

– Do not wear hard or dark soled shoes on the courts.

– No glass is permitted within the fenced tennis court area.

– No pets are allowed in the tennis court area.

– Do not lean on, or rest your weight on, the net or cable supporting the net.

– Use of the tennis court takes precedent over use of the basketball backboard.

– Any tournaments or special events by residents must be scheduled through the clubhouse reservation process.

– Reservation of the clubhouse does not reserve exclusive use of the tennis courts.

– NO skateboards, scooters, roller blades, skates, bicycles or other wheeled equipment are allowed on the tennis court. NO EXCEPTIONS!


The grill is for the use of all residents when the clubhouse is not reserved. If the clubhouse is reserved, the grill may be reserved as well, and the party having the reservation has priority for use of the grill.

– Clean the grill after each use

– Do not remove the grill from the clubhouse area

– Starting and Operating the Grill:

– Refer to the grill instruction manual.

– Only operate the grill outdoors in a well-ventilated area, outside on the pool deck where it is kept.

– Keep the grill away from the pool.

– Don’t bring any flammable materials near the grill or locate the grill near flammable materials or structures.

– Don’t allow children close the grill when it is in use.

– Grill Shut-Down:

– Make certain all three burner controls are OFF.

– Turn the propane tank valve OFF.

– Allow the grill to cool before storing.

– Clean the grill after each use.

If you think the propane tank is empty, please contact the Board member in charge of the clubhouse facility, his/her assistant or any other Board member.

If the grill is not operating properly, DO NOT USE IT. Contact the Board member in charge of the clubhouse facility, his assistant or any other Board member.

For a printable PDF of these Rules & Regulations: Clubhouse, swimming pool, & tennis court regulations CV HOA July 2016

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